No Name Charli
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Promoting all things
blockchain through
meme NFTs


Our mission with this unique collection is to bring together the blockchain community and spread awareness of this crypto, NFTs, web3 thing we all love. Cuz we have so much to celebrate ❤️

Unique memes compiled

Our Story

Who are we? We're one dude and a bunch of 8th to 12th graders who started from scratch, without skills (this was literally where we started).

Where we started part 1 - Defining 'centralized'Where we started part 2 - Defining 'staking'

Just a ragtag group having fun, learning all things blockchain and their use cases,


while taking in what the heck is going on in this world the last few years,

putting it all together to let the world know what we think and just expressing ourselves.


We think crypto/nfts/metaverse/web3 is the greatest thing ever and it can save the world or at the least open up new frontiers and solutions.

Maybe u feel the same.


Maybe ur a charli just like us.

Our Collection

As for the collection, it reflects a personal journey through the crypto/blockchain world, but it is also a piece of everyone's journey, hence the name “NoNameCharli“. It is a meme NFT collection and we want to bring the blockchain space together. The set can be enjoyed as individual memes or as a collection full of commentary reflecting the zeitgeist of the blockchain community.

NNC is stick figures and it's meme based primarily cuz we think both can translate expression honestly. And honestly, we don't have the fancy art abilities as other collections (not even close) but we weren't gonna let that stop us. We wanted a meme collection because memes represent our culture and it is a type of visual comedy that let's you get away with sensitive truths. Also memes circulate and we wanted to be heard. We want blockchain communities to come together and unite and get their respect as people progressing a transformative technology.

We want our set to circulate, educate, raise awareness, promote great projects, share the culture, and celebrate the crazy history of this technology. So many millions of people will come into this space in the next few years so we wanted to introduce them to all this. And as we do this, whoever holds the original NFTs will make $$$ by holding the originals. We want this NNC meme collection to go viral as something new: as art, as meme, as social commentary, as educational pieces, as promotional pieces, as a something new born out of web3.

We have set up the collection with different rarities (5 levels) and virality potentials (4 tiers). Scroll down for details.

We also set up subcommunities within the collection. That is each of the 250 original memes has 20 editions to form its own subcommunity. The subcommunity can come together to market or shill together. NNC will continue to market and promote all of the memes, also working with new upcoming artists to keep evolving the existing memes, raising the value of originals.

Lastly, if u check out our roadmap you'll see that we're in it for the long haul and we have truly great ambitious projects lined up. And we're gonna get them done. We're just beginning. The team is young, hungry, ambitious, and we're just getting started. We want to shake up the world, for the better. NoNameCharli is our first giant step.

Last lastly, we thank you for all your support, every single one of you who's on this journey with us, we're gonna do something special together.

All Charlis on board!!




what our beloved crypto, NFT, and blockchain community is all about



props to notable projects and kudos to few indispensable platforms



must know terms in blockchain, to educate and spread awareness



the colorful and notable giants of this land



bigger ideas and messages for the blockchain community. We in this together



a bunch of awesome and not so awesome mements in blockchain, a curation



Each hat is an indication of the different stages a person
goes through during the blockchain/crypto/nft journey.
Our collection features 5 hats of different rarities.



Rarity ~20%

a sophomore, not knowing
anything but with a few big
lucky gains, a foolish and
enthusiastic know it all


no hat

Rarity ~50%

the noob, just entering
the crypto/nft space


viking helmet

Rarity ~15%

a bold adventurer, exploring
frontiers, taking greater risks,
chasing fortune and fame in
the blockchain space.


unicorn horn

Rarity ~10%

real success, immersed in the
blockchain space, change of
lifestyle, and ain't goin back.



Rarity ~5%

sovereign, powerful, free from
the system. Calling your own
shots, and a beacon for others.

roadmap title bgroadmap title
  • Mint Out!
  • Build and organize subcommunities, grow NNC
    community. It's a revolution after all
  • Create Blockchain website for Rebranding Movement
  • Release NNC Merch
  • Collab w/ new Artists to evolve existing memes to
    other styles (Street Art, Anime, Symbolism, AI)
  • NNC Project #2 - “Visions” Hello World
  • Airdrops to NNC nft holders
  • DAO - Passive Income coming
  • NNC Project #3 - “Past, Present, Future”
    We're bringing it to the Metaverse
roadmap car
moonwen moon


Who is Charli?

The stick figure in every meme...representing all of us and any one of us in the crypto, nft,
metaverse, web3 journey

How do I mint a NoNameCharli NFT?

Our presale (whitelist) mint goes live here on OUR WEBSITE on August 25.
Our public sale goes live on September 1st.
Join our discord for updates!

How do I get on the whitelist?

Lots of wayzzz. Check out our Discord and Twitter

How many are in the collection?

5000 nfts, 250 unique memes with variations

What are the different hats?

Crown 5%, unicorn horn 10%, viking helmet 15%,
propeller 20%

Who are the artists?

For this first collection, we had 6 amazing young artists,
ages 13 to 19, with their own unique styles, adding
variety to the collection

Who comes up with these memes?

We have team of clever conceptors, young and
old, who are great at coming up with memes

Where can I connect with the
NoNameCharli community?

Check out our Discord, Twitter,
Instagram, and Telegram!